Q4 Planning
October 26, 2021

Get Ready for the Years Ahead During Q4 Planning

We all are well aware of the magic that can happen during the fourth quarter, (thanks to the great game of American football). But, have you ever thought about the fourth quarter, in that same way, for your business? Sure, you have the annual quarterly meeting on the calendar, but do you make it different from any of the others held throughout the year? 

We’ve already shared the significance of working in a 90-day world and how you should structure your quarterly meetings but here’s how your Q4 planning can impact your years ahead. 


Q4 Planning Sets You Up for a Successful New Year Ahead

Needless to say, this is the last quarter for you to plan on making any changes, preparing for any new initiatives, or restructuring a few things before the new year begins. Q4 is an opportunity to not only finish the current year strong but also plan ahead for the year(s) to come. It’s known to be an inspiring and empowering time. You’re able to look at your year, almost in full, and decide how to make the following year even bigger and better. 


So, how do you set yourself up for a successful new year during Q4 planning?

The fourth quarter is a time to reset your three-year picture and one-year plan with specific plans and goals. Yes, I put three-year picture in front of one-year for a reason. There’s always a method to the madness! 


Why should you plan your 3-Year Picture before your 1-Year Plan?

  • Everyone on your team will have the opportunity to see where the business is going “long-term”.  To get a clear image in their mind’s eye and decide if they want to be a part of it or not. 
  • By  making your three-year picture crystal clear, you naturally will know what needs to be done within the years prior in order to reach that goal.
  • (If it’s not obvious yet), planning your three-year picture makes it way easier to outline your goals when creating your one-year plan.

***What should you factor in when planning your 3-year picture? Read this post for more tips. 

Once you’ve landed on a vision for the future of the business, it’s time to get laser-focused on what will be MOST IMPORTANT to get done in the year ahead. Q4 is the perfect opportunity to prepare those action steps and maybe even start executing them early. 


Get Excited about Moving Forward by Looking Back

Before you start your Q4 meeting, consider looking back on all the major accomplishments and successes you’ve had over the past year. Be as specific as possible and only pick accomplishments that literally changed or scaled the way you do business. (Going over 3-5 accomplishments is a good amount). 

Not only does this highlight a specific department, team, or individual within your organization, but it also gets everyone excited about the future overall. Making top of mind “all you have already done” makes what “you’re going to do” not seem so far-fetched. It gets people engaged and fired up about what’s possible. 


Let Dawn Give Your Leadership Team a FREE 90-Minute Strategic Planning Training before Year-End.

When planning a three-year picture, it’s best done with your entire leadership team and a business coach. I’d love to help you organize your goals to align with your vision, making 2022 your best year in business yet. 


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