Meet Dawn Abbott

My passion for making an impact and helping individuals gain what they want from their businesses is what fuels my work.

Dawn's Story

I started a business in special events with my husband in 1991. There were all the trials, challenges, and lessons entrepreneurs face in those 29 years of building. Nothing quite prepares you for the day you have a growing family, three successful small businesses, and the unexpected loss of your husband, business partner, and father of your three children.

When my husband died in a tragic accident in 2013 while on vacation with our 19 and 21-year-old sons and three-month-old daughter, I had some serious decisions to make. I was not sure I could run the businesses by myself while getting through grief, and raising a newborn with two older sons who just lost their dad.

This trauma took me on a journey to find my passion, to realize that life was too short to work it away, and to understand that when people are allowed to bring their head, hearts, and hands to work, they will rise to the challenge.

I bet on myself. I decided that I was going to run these businesses a little differently. I had a major mindset shift and I started putting people before profit.

What happened? In 2018 and 2019, we made our highest profits ever and I had a business that gave me financial resources, time to enjoy life, and fulfilled me.

Through this lifetime of learning strategic and tactical tools to grow a small business successfully, as well as gaining clarity on who I am and how to effectively leverage and empower a team, I believe I know the process for getting small business people off the treadmill.

I am passionate about granting small business owners the permission to live a life that includes their family, their hobbies, the time freedom, and the money that they want and need.

I am the coach, facilitator, and teacher to help you do this.

Life made me stop and pay attention.
Don’t work it away. You can have it all.


Dawn is remarried to a wonderful man who also happens to be a small business owner. Together, they have a blended brood of six grown children and their seven-year-old daughter that her husband now calls his own through adoption. Add a full staff, extended families, and amazing friends, Dawn has many human beings to love and be grateful for.


Keynote Speaker

Dawn Abbot is ready and eager to help take your next event, conference, or meeting to a new level.

Dawn brings her passion of living an exceptional life at home and in the workplace to your team or group with relevant and dynamic keynotes. Through the sharing of her life and business experiences, Dawn offers attendees valuable lessons for making lasting positive change. She will work with you to customize the message that will serve as inspiration to enliven and encourage audience members to be their very best selves, both personally and professionally.


Workshops & Training

Invest in your group or team and master the skill of being exceptional with a variety of training opportunities.

Dawn Abbott believes great teams are made of great individuals, and she strives to awaken bold, purposeful living for all individuals, both at home and in the workplace. Explore the many workshops she offers to help bring your team to the next level. Since there is no such thing as one size fits all, she can work closely with you to custom design a workshop, retreat, or training program that creates the lasting change your organization deserves.