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Business culture workshop

Kulture Klub

This workshop was created for those leaders who want to change how their business lives & breathes.

The culture is the key. 

During this 3 hours workshop, you will discover the true heartbeat of your organization through your values, vision, mission – but not those same old “words” everyone else pretends to be. You know the ones; Integrity, Customer-Focused, Innovation… The same things every company promises. Really get a sense of who you are and what you stand for so you can start operating from that lens. The next step of the workshop is to get some tactical tools to bring the culture to life and I am not talking about putting posters up in the break room.  You will gain some proven strategies to truly start hiring, firing, rewarding, and developing your team.

Get the Right People in the Right Seats

Team Mapping

Participants will take an assessment unlike any other to truly map out the individuals on their team. 

Each person will see many of the pieces that make them who they are and motivate their behaviors. Together the team will strategize to create rules of engagement, and determine who should do what so that everyone is in their very Highest & Best Use of time as much as possible. We all know that when we are doing the things we love, the things that energize us we lose track of time and feel competent and powerful. As soon as we have to do those things that we do not enjoy and do not feel good at, our energy is zapped.  That high level of energy does not return for the rest of the day, even doing what we love.  How great would work be and how productive our teams would be if we could keep in people on that space of “what they love & what they are good at” as much as possible.

Create That Plan
Team Mapping Workshop
Personal Growth Workshop

The Map of Me

Who are you and who have you been perfectly designed to be?

This in-depth program takes you through a set of assessments and compiles a DiSC 363® for Leaders profile that will be shared with your leader(s). Next, a certified expert and coach will walk you through all the information to create a plan that allows you to use your perfect design at its highest and best as well as a plan to shore up the weaknesses—and the ability to see and appreciate the differences. All individuals should be authentic and open and able to express themselves fully with confidence—we want you to have the tools to do that.

Get the tools

Empowering Men

Focused on understanding and bringing out the best in men of all ages and in all circumstances.

Find out how men really think, feel, plan, speak & commit – and how to make sense of everything they do. We will teach you how to better partner with men in business, relationships, parenting, and in general. Please join me to discover why you do not always get the results you want in relationships with men.

Work better with Men
Empowering Men Workshop
Empowering Women Workshop

Empowering Women

An emphasis on “male or female” or “masculine and feminine” can leave both women and men feeling boxed in, misunderstood or invalidated.

We’ve experienced a new level of understanding and empowerment by paying attention to which instinctive “Operating System” might be functioning in any moment or circumstance. Specifically, a woman might be “Hunting” or “Gathering” — or attempting to do both. Is there a specific destination, intention or result? Or is she open to options, alternatives and possibilities? Recognize the indicators of each mode to empower women, and get more of what you need with less effort and less conflict.

Work well with Women

Celebrating Partnership:
A Course for Couples

Imagine being an architect and designing your relationship to express your values, fulfill your dreams and nurture you.

That is possible with this course packed full of information, tools and exercises to create the empowered partnership that you desire. Relationship definition – An instance of being. The truth is if we create and consciously choose how we are being every instance of interaction between two people can be empowering.

Create an empowered partnership
Partnership Workshop

As a leader, it can be hard choosing the right tools and training for your team.

By understanding your goals we will craft a solution that meets your goals and fits your budget therefore getting your team on track to work more effectively together. We start by asking the right questions so you can start creating the cohesive team you know they can be.

Let Dawn design a custom workshop, retreat, or training program that creates the lasting change your organization deserves.