90-Day World
February 22, 2021

The Power of Working in a 90-Day World

Why do you think the standard calendar quarters are made up of 90-day periods? Q1 consists of January, February, and March. April kicks off Q2 and three months later, Q3 starts and so forth. Every three months is roughly about 90 days.

Why do you think that companies give new employees a 90-day performance review before securing their position? It’s common for most companies to have a policy set in place that states they can terminate you within the first 90 days without giving a real reason as to why.

You want to know what’s even more interesting?
According to the U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of people who set new year’s resolutions GIVE UP on those resolutions by the second week of February. 

Here’s my thought behind this statistic — human beings are intimidated by large, long-term goals. We work better in increments. Hence, why our calendar is broken up into three-month (90-day) quarters.

The reasons individuals don’t hang onto new year’s resolutions vary extensively, but I think one thing we can all agree on is that human beings have a hard time sustaining and committing to long-term, “life-changing” goals.

And guess what? The same goes for your business and your team.

Successful Business Owner and Author Gino Wickman noticed this as he was observing his own leadership team. In his business development book, Traction, he shares that no matter how aligned he had himself and his fellow leaders after annual planning meetings and quarterly sessions, he openly admits, 90 days later, “you will get far off track, start to lose great people, lose sight of your vision, and end up right back where you started — in chaos.”

Then Comes The Introduction of The 90-Day World…

Gino saw that there was potential for being lost based on this failed system of planning. So, what did he do? He built the 90-Day World into EOS®.

“If this is the way all humans and all teams operate, let’s just pull the team together every 90 days. Lock the doors, and not let anyone leave until they’re 100% on the same page, clear on their priorities, and ready to go execute like crazy for the next 90 days.” – Gino Wickman

When you have a short-lived timespan to get things done, you will remain on course and follow through with your goals.

This may be the smartest thing you can introduce to your company and leadership teams this year. We are programmed in so many more ways than one to value the time period of 90 days. Use this natural inclination as your advantage to growing a sustainable, profitable business.

How do you master the 90-Day World?

By hiring an EOS Implementer® that is certified in this framework and trained to guide you and your teams, you will fully grasp the true power that can come from 90-Day Planning.

Through Quarterly Pulsing™ and Annual Planning sessions, as well as working with you to improve your Weekly Meeting Pulse, your organization will become more disciplined and remain laser-focused on hitting your numbers, completing goals, and much more — truly working to complete the mission your company set out to do.

What are the next steps to implementing the 90-Day World?

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