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December 2, 2021

4 Tips to Improve Your Team’s Work Environment

You’ve built this dream of yours into a profitable business. You must be passionate about what you do?  But here’s something that is important to remember: not everyone else has the same dream or passion as you do. When you start to build a team, it’s important that you find people that 1) enjoy what they’re doing and 2) care about the vision of your company.

Your employees need to not only enjoy what their job entails but also understand how their role impacts the overall success of the organization. Your teams need to understand how important they are to your company’s mission. The best way to ensure they are engaged and accountable is by making both your expectations and your appreciation for them clear.

Here are five tips to improve your team’s work environment so you can have employees that work hard, work well together, and get things done.

Five Tips to Improve A Team’s Work Environment


1. Create a committed culture.

A commitment culture drives forward with a cohesive purpose and passion to achieve their mission.  This starts with establishing a clear vision. Once everyone within your team knows the vision for the company, they can then decide if they too are passionate and committed to that purpose & mission.  When they know where the company is headed and how it will get there they can decide and be committed to being of that vision of that or dip out.

Pro tip: The best time to set the bar for the year with your teams is during your Q4 quarterly planning meeting. Find out why it’s best to discuss annual planning in the final quarter here.


2. Communicate expectations and give feedback.

When managing people, it is difficult to stay clear on expectations and communicate them well to direct reports.

The 5-5-5 cuts to the three most important expectations:

  • they possess your five core values
  • they have the true skill set to perform in their five roles
  • and they are setting and achieving five rocks every quarter

Learn how to structure your performance reviews using the 5-5-5 method here.


3. Implement accountability across your company.

Create a culture of accountability where everyone understands the results they are accountable for. This will help them to continuously meet their goals, knowing that is what is expected of them. Naturally, people want to succeed. If they have a clear path on how to do so, they will get it done. Make it clear to your employees what you need from them and then, watch them rise to the occasion.


4. Hire the right people.

You may have read Tip #3 and thought “I do lay out our expectations clearly to employees and they still don’t get things done.”  Well, it sounds like you need to be more thorough in who you hire.

The People Analyzer™ is a tool that every company should use while hiring. Evaluating people is a difficult and subjective task. With the People Analyzer, you will be able to cut through the complexity and clearly identify if someone fits in your culture and is filling the right seat. Remember, it’s your responsibility to fill the right role. Once you do, it’s up to the employee to execute it.


5. Praise publicly and criticize privately.

It’s important to praise people within your organization when they do something well, People feel amazing when they are pointed out for their efforts. It’s important to keep your stance neutral so no person on your team ever feels excluded or less valued from another. Instead, stay focused on the topic at hand and think strategically around that. If anyone needs to make improvements discuss that privately only.

What’s your company without its teams?

I encourage you to always remember that an organization is nothing without its employees. Your team is what makes your vision a reality so invest in them. Make it a priority to ensure your company work culture is strong and valued. It’s amazing how much it can make a difference and how much success it can bring.


Do you need an EOS facilitator?

After reading this, do you feel like you have a solid work environment or does it need heavy improvement? You may not know where to begin but you know it’s important to create a culture where people like to work. Allow me to help you create a healthy work dynamic. Book a free consultation call to explore your options for EOS.

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