March 8, 2022

Your Users’ Guide to You

Up-Front Information is a Game-Changer

How many times have you experienced the anxiety of a change in the workplace? This could come from a promotion, a department or location transfer, beginning an entirely new job, or even from getting a new boss. Change is an uncomfortable, but generally unavoidable part of taking on new career opportunities. This innate panic typically stems from a place of “I hope I’m good at this,” and even more so a feeling of, “I hope these people get me.”

This worry is valid — being misunderstood is a major concern for most people, in all facets of life

This is why Ted Hockey, CEO of TD Ameritrade, set out to proactively ensure his new employees (over 7,000 of them) had a clear and accurate understanding of him before his first day. In his Fast Company articleI wrote a users’ guide to myself, and you should, too, Hockey tells the story of how he created a comprehensive synopsis on himself and distributed it to his new employees. And the best part is, the whole endeavor was a big success — particularly for the company culture.

In this guide, Hockey included a lot of different information from his personal background (family, education, etc.) to personality test info, to his preferences and pet peeves for working with others. He laid it all out in a concerted effort to lift the veil of mystique that seems to inevitably form around new leaders.

We too are designed with the need to be understood, accepted, and appreciated; and just like Hockey, we are capable of fulfilling those needs. The method of the users’ guide is certainly unconventional, but should it be? Why not use some peripherals to make success more attainable in the workplace?

You must set up you and your team for success

There’s value in self-knowledge, and not just for CEOs. Hockey’s idea of a user’s guide is scalable; it could range from something as extensive as his 4,000-word document to one as simple as displaying a DiSC map at your cubicle. Including DiSC, the following list of assessments are game-changing when it comes to discovering your strengths, weaknesses, and overall personhood. 

The DiSC Assessment

To measure patterns of behavior. How do you respond to challenges? How do you influence others? 

The Enneagram Assement

To measure your natural personality type. How do the attributes of your chief motivation in life compel you as a leader? 

The Kolbe Assessment

The Kolbe System™ is the only program measuring conation – how people take action. Follow our proven process to get immediately actionable advice on personal productivity, team performance, job alignment & hiring.

The StrengthsFinder Assessment

To discover and engage strengths. How do you use your most innate strengths for the good of your personal and professional growth?

Working Genius Assessment:

The Six Types of Working Genius assessment is the fastest and simplest way to discover your natural gifts and thrive at work.

These tools each offer an insightful perspective and plan of attack that reaches beyond simple self-awareness. They will provide you with the next steps to fully embrace, improve, and integrate your innate characteristics and leadership skills; plus, they will guide you in your journey of creating your own users’ guide to you. A guide, might I add, that can be easily created with an Abbott Coaching original.


Enter Map of Mea workbook of personal exploration

The Map of Me Guide was carefully designed to provide you with an interactive framework and specific handles for discovering who you truly are, and who you can become. There are endless benefits to being an ​​authentic, open, and confident individual — the Map of Me is your guide for doing just that.


Download the Map of Me Guide for free and begin the journey of self-exploration — for your own good and for others. 


I invite you on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, into ever-increasing authenticity and self-love.

I created my personal Map of Me to help guide my decisions from a place of strength. My Map of Me has awakened me to who I really am, and who I want to be. It allows me to live from my design at my highest and best, as well as plan to shore up the weaknesses—and it’s given me the ability to see and appreciate the differences. I believe that all individuals should be authentic, open and able to express themselves fully with confidence—your Map of Me is your guide for
doing just that.

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