Why Hire An EOS Implementer for your Business?
April 27, 2021

Why Hire An EOS Implementer for your Business?

Have you ever been so involved with something or someone that you’ve become blind to red flags that everyone else can obviously see? Or, have you ever known so much about a certain topic or subject that when you talk to someone that doesn’t know anything about it, they just look at you like you’re speaking a completely different language?

Okay, last one… (and my favorite one), you know how there are certain people in your life that have this annoying trait or tendency that EVERYONE ELSE can see, but they can’t see it about themselves? Chances are you said yes to all three of those scenarios. The reason I bring this up is because we all have blind spots at times. To think that you will never have blind spots while running a company is just plain silly. So, for the short answer — that is why you hire an EOS Implementer for your business.


Truth be told: You’re too involved for clarity 


No matter how simple the concepts and practical tools, it’s very hard to change your own organization from the inside out. It’s like when you’re at the grocery store and you’re looking for that one item. You know exactly what the label looks like. You know what aisle it’s on. You’ve purchased it time and time again yet… you’re staring directly at it and you just don’t see it. An employee walks by and asks what you’re looking for and they can point it out to you in seconds. Why? Because they are looking at it for the first time, with fresh eyes and no prior history. They can simply point out the obvious because they aren’t involved.


That’s why an EOS expert is so influential for your business.

We walk into your organization with fresh eyes, plus some statistically proven credentials that are the key components to operating at your very best, and then we listen and learn so we can help you implement the necessary changes to obtain true success. We weave through all the noise and background that you have accumulated for years and years as an entrepreneur.

We just see things the way they are and the way they can be. It’s as simple as that.


A Professional EOS® is a fully trained EOS expert who will obsess about helping you and your team:

  • Follow the EOS Process® and implement the tools purely
  • Create more accountability throughout your organization
  • Solve tough issues for the long-term and greater good
  • Work together as a cohesive, functional team
  • Clarify, simplify, and achieve your vision

The true role and definition of an EOS Implementer 

An EOS Implementer is “a person with teaching, facilitation, and coaching skills who is passionate about helping business owners, leaders, and managers get more of what they want from their businesses. “ Our role is to make sure your organization is 100% in alignment with your passion and purpose, all while scaling.

Our sweet spot is in bringing clarity to your vision and building out exceptional, empowered teams. Your organization is nothing without your people. We help you create high-vibe, engaging environments that encourage accountability which, in turn, leads to naturally empowering your teams to make good decisions and trust their own mini entrepreneurial spirit.


If you are interested in hiring an EOS expert, make sure to meet with more than one implementer.

Yes, I just advised you to potentially not pick me as your EOS implementer. Believe it or not, I do this work because I LOVE helping entrepreneurs get what they want out of their businesses. Fit is just as important as the work we will do together because if we don’t have a connection, our work together won’t be nearly as valuable and impactful.

You need to hire an implementer that is right for you. I’ll go ahead and give you a brief idea of the entrepreneurs I typically work best with:

  1. Service-based businesses – This is where my life’s work has been and I know the most about, so it’s a natural fit.
  2. Creative professionals – All businesses in events, restaurants, design, etc. I love creative individuals and I hate that the details of running their businesses bogs them down and prevents them from sharing their talents and gifts, and making money. I simplify that part so they can do what they love and beautify the world for all of us.
  3. Family companies – I started and ran three successful businesses with my husband,  transitioned to running them with my sons, and transitioned a business to the next generation.
  4. Do-good companies – Companies having an impact and making our world better set my soul on fire. Again, it is my goal to simplify the actual “running of the business” so you can do more good which, in turn, leads to an even greater impact.

Here are my tips when picking out your implementer

I want you to feel excited about this investment because you SHOULD be excited. This is going to CHANGE the trajectory of your organization. You are going to be able to get what you want out of your business so make sure you pick a person that you want to work with — that just makes it more fun. ?

Tips when meeting with an EOS implementer

  • Meet with more than one implementer. Even if you hit it off with your first one, weigh your options. That way, you are fully confident in your decision.
  • Ask LOTS of questions. Don’t hold back. Get as much information and clarity as you need to feel assured.
  • Get a feel for style. Get to know them just as much as they are trying to get to know you. It has to be a mutual understanding, after all.
  • Consider a different style or personality than your own. Believe it or not, picking someone that is very different from you can add balance and bring a different perspective within those fresh eyes.
  • Be willing. Be open to all possibilities and stick to the process.


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