Effective Communication Tactics for Leaders
April 22, 2024

The Art of Being Heard: Effective Communication Tactics for Leaders Facing Unresponsive Teams

Think back on your days as a child, playing with your siblings and friends when your mom rattled off a list of chores. You might have flippantly said, “Ok Mom!” only to instantly forget what she said. Or consider the teacher who droned on and on in a monotone voice during instruction time. You might have listened to the noise but not genuinely digested the message because she merely rattled off information without truly interacting with you. 

Distractions and a lack of engagement can prevent important messages from being absorbed. And the same challenge exists in today’s professional environment. So how can leaders capture the attention of their teams and hold it long enough to ensure their message sinks in? 

Listen as Much as You Speak

Becoming a person who is respected involves listening as much as you speak. While it may seem counterintuitive, listening to be heard can transform your leadership style and strengthen your team. When you listen to your team members and understand their concerns, learning styles, and strengths, you become better equipped to deliver clear, impactful messages.

Consider conversations where the other person is so focused on their next point that they fail to truly listen to you. Such interactions can be frustrating and unproductive. If you act this way as a leader, you risk losing the respect of your team members.

A leader who respects and values their team members as individuals earns respect in return. This mutual respect fosters a collaborative environment where the team feels invested in the leader’s vision and is more inclined to absorb and act on the information provided.

Be Invested in Your Team

A leader invested in their team knows how to make it obvious that they care. For instance, a leader who has a finger on the pulse of their team’s life events, such as a recent trip or new addition to the family, can acknowledge these occasions. Intentionality will make your team feel seen which will produce a deeper desire to listen. 

Additionally, a leader who is quick to offer compliments and constructive feedback with kindness and suggestions for improvement shows team members that their advancement and growth are important. By showing that you care, you can easily gain the respect of your team, which will build camaraderie, increase team connection, and create a space where everyone can be heard.

Adapt Communication Styles to Meet Team Needs

A leader who is adept at recognizing and adjusting their communication style to the preferences of their team members can overcome unresponsiveness and enhance engagement. Some may prefer detailed, written communication for reference, while others may appreciate face-to-face discussions to ask questions and provide feedback in real-time. Customizing your communication approach based on individual needs can improve team response and drive better collaboration.

Additionally, being aware of your team’s workload and stress levels can guide you in choosing the right timing and tone for delivering messages. A well-timed, clear, and respectful message is more likely to be received positively and prompt meaningful responses from your team members.

Master the Art of Being Heard

To sum it up, being truly heard only happens when both sides of the conversation are respectful of what the other side has to say, eager to listen and gain knowledge, and confident that the information delivered is in their best interest. Mutual respect will not only strengthen the team and their cohesiveness but will prove to all that each person has value to bring to the table. 

As a fish rots from the head down, the opposite is true with a garden that grows from roots from warm sun, water, and attention. Cultivate your team and watch the mutual respect produce an environment where you will see it flourish. 

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