Middle Manager Syndrome
February 23, 2023

Middle Manager Syndrome: How to Remember the Forgotten Middle Manager

The middle child, middle class, middle person, middle manager. What does each of these “middles” have in common? They are stereotypically the forgotten or neglected role, and yet they’re often an integral part of any family, society, or company dynamic.

EOS starts with training the Leadership Team on LMA: Leadership + Management = Accountability.  It is also necessary to help middle managers with this guidance, in order for the EOS framework to make it to the foundational teams that support the entire structure.

I like to create awareness around “Middle Manager Syndrome”. Similar to Middle Child Syndrome, there is a tendency to pay attention to the top and bottom of the hierarchy with no real focus to the middle –  this creates a gap in effectively running the company well. Middle managers are like the generals of an organization, and they need leadership training, to effectively direct their troops? Without adequate training, middle managers are left incapable of taking the helm when moving into more advanced roles. When middle managers are suddenly given more responsibility they require leadership skills, so they do not get stuck and become a hindrance to the EOS Proven Process.

As Dr. Laurence J. Peter puts it, The Peter Principle. The Peter Principle is the idea that employees get promoted until they reach a level of incompetence. With incompetent managers comes incompetent employees until the entire organization is shaky at best. The EOS Process including Middle Management sessions helps solve this dilemma.

LMA & Mid-Managers Training Session

The best way to begin developing middle managers so that they can effectively communicate core values and company visions to their teams is to host a separate, tailored, and abridged session specifically for them. I like to host a full-day session for middle managers so that they can subscribe to the EOS Proven Process without being too bogged down by the details.

This session typically includes the full scope of the Proven Process, the Six Key Components, and the Toolbox Tools that they can begin using with their teams. I also have each manager take a self-assessment on the ten skills of leadership and management and create an action plan for improvement in each area. This introduction to EOS prepares them for future conversations as they move into upper management roles and gives them a taste of the concepts so that they can hit the ground running in future roles. Plus, it sets the stage for EOS implementation throughout the organization with middle managers who are engaged, accountable, and prepared to lead.

The Results

Leadership teams will find that middle managers come out of this full-day session with a new sense of empowerment and engagement. Many will feel like they have a better understanding of their roles and how they fit into the greater organization.

Because they now have the necessary tools and framework to become better managers, their teams will likely operate more efficiently and with better cohesion. Rocks (projects or goals) will be completed more quickly, department scorecards will be established, and teams will have a stronger sense of accountability thereby setting the groundwork for a highly-functional EOS-compatible organization. Plus, because middle managers were properly prepared and introduced to EOS, they will be much more capable of overcoming the pesky Peter Principle and instead make up the future generation of strong leadership.

Let’s Get Your Company Running on EOS

To explore more EOS concepts, book a discovery call with me so I can help your organization create accountability and develop effective middle managers. Together, we’ll use the EOS framework to overcome the Peter Principle, teach LMA, and build your future leadership team.


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