Let Purpose Drive Your Culture
February 22, 2024

Let Purpose Drive Your Culture

Goals, objectives, projects, tasks… In business, we’re always looking to the next deliverable, jotting down lists of to-dos, following up on assignments, and keeping the next deadline on our radar. But in between, what motivates us to complete these tasks, make progress toward a goal, and get the job done? An inspiring manager, a synergized team, and recognition might give us a little nudge, but beneath these pillars is an idea that undercurrents everything we do in our organizations. (Hint: It’s not the idea of a spot bonus!)

It’s purpose.

Long before a hierarchy or processes were put in place, a purpose is what inspired the formation of the organization or company. Purpose is the answer to why everyone within the organization does what they do. Yes, individual employees might have their own personal reasons for filling a role (salary, career growth, and interests), but the role would not be available to fill without the company’s underlying purpose. The reason employees continue to stay motivated to do their work is alignment with the company’s purpose.

All happenings within an organization are derived from an original purpose.

As an EOS implementer, part of my purpose is to help organizations identify their own purpose and let it drive their decisions and processes. My clients at TaxOps are a perfect example of an organization that developed a purpose-driven culture to begin their journey toward a clearer vision. Similarly, another client, WSI, incorporated their values of integrity and accountability into their ethos to encourage a more purpose-driven culture and greater team cohesion.

A strong and clear purpose is fundamental to focusing on what really matters in business and letting it steer organizations, leaders, and employees forward. Read on for a deeper breakdown of concepts within the purpose-driven culture and an exploration of what it means for organizations. This is the organization’s rally cry to inform everyone why you exist and what you can do better than anyone else.

Do More Than Good

Within the concept of purpose-driven culture is the idea of “Do Good” companies. Purpose within an organization typically centers on the idea that what the company does is important, makes the world a better place, and does some good for its clients, customers, or community. 

A purpose needs to be more than just “make a profit” or “gain influence.” Rather, a purpose adds value to the world and drives the company to do good. Profit and influence would simply be by-products of the company’s greater mission.

This is the ethos of a Do Good company—do the world some good, and maybe in the process we will earn some money or a following. When the purpose is greater than trivial measures of success, teams come together, employees are motivated, and the company has a strong foundation in place during difficult times or headwinds. A company that focuses on doing good has a direction that inspires rather than fleeting goals, which once achieved, leave the company directionless.

Lead with Purpose

Leaders within an organization have the responsibility as well as the ability and resources to ensure that the purpose is supported throughout the organization. As a person with influence, credibility, and vision, a leader must maintain a focus on the company’s underlying purpose and commit to instilling it in the teams’ day-to-day.

Teams look to leaders for direction, development, and ultimately culture. If the leaders of an organization do not see the vision clearly or are not enthused by a company’s purpose, distractions, noise, and less worthwhile goals can get in the way of creating a purpose-driven culture. As those with the greatest ability to influence culture, leaders are tasked with upholding a company’s purpose, making sure it is understood, and prioritizing purpose over profit.

Without strong leaders to commit to purpose-driven culture, teams will be more influenced by numbers for numbers sake and will lose sight of their purpose as employees and ultimately the purpose of the company leading to less engaged workers and unsynchronized teams.

Find Your Purpose With EOS

To learn more about purpose-driven culture, identify your organization’s core values, and prioritize people over profit, book a call with me so we can create a more joy-filled, entrepreneurial life. Together, we’ll use the EOS framework and help you lead beyond the bottom line.

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