June 30, 2023

It Is Possible To Be Successful in Business and Life and To Know Yourself Enough to Live Authentically.

Denver, ColoradoYour Life is Not A To-Do List: Tools for a More Joyful Entrepreneurial Journey

Author Dawn Abbott has learned the ways to discover who you are, why you are here, and to live boldly in your passions and truths through some hard knocks life has thrown at her. She is here to share what she has learned and to tell readers that they matter and that their stories matter.

With Your Life Is Not A To-Do List: Tools for a More Joyful Entrepreneurial Journey, Dawn teaches her readers that they have everything they need to find themselves and go make an impact however they want to or are called to. 

In Your Life is Not A To-Do List, readers will:

  • Find clarity on what they need to be – who they want to be.
  • Make positive changes in their lives and businesses.
  • They will make strides in personal and professional growth that will improve their business and their lives.

Take action today, you and your story are important, and you are what the world needs. Your pain is often your place of impact, and you must continue to raise your ceiling because it is the floor for the next ones in line.

Your Life is Not A To-Do List will be available June 29th everywhere books are sold. 

About the Author: 

Dawn Abbott grew her start-up from nothing to a multi-office, 14,000-square-foot warehouse, and showroom. Her focus was on being a good leader who engages and empowers her team toward success. After tragedy struck in 2013, Dawn was faced with some serious decisions to make. Her grieving period caused a reflection that created a major mindset shift.

This process brought her to becoming an EOS Implementer, where Dawn has found her true gifts, strengths, and purpose in Speaking, Coaching, Facilitation, and Training. She knows the process for helping leaders get what they want from their businesses and their lives.   Dawn is passionate about giving small business owners the permission to live a life that includes their family & friends, their passions, the time freedom, and the money that they want and need.

Dawn currently resides in Colorado with her husband and their daughter.  The couple also has a blended family of 6 adult children and 5 businesses between them.

What others have said:

“Dawn Abbott has authored this book to help leaders and entrepreneurs through their business and life challenges by sharing her own experiences. Through 30+ years as an entrepreneur, a wife, mother, a leader, and now an EOS Implementer, she can make an enormous difference for others like her. Her experiences of struggle, loss, and success give her a unique and impactful perspective.”


— Gino Wickman 

    Author of Traction and The EOS Life


“Dawn Abbott’s story and guidance have touched my life and my career in ways immeasurable. She and I literally walked together through the 2020 recession, miles around our neighborhood as she processed that her “entire business model had ceased to exist” and I grappled with the downturn of my own small business. Today, she works with me and my team to triumphantly march forward in our new growth trajectory. Dawn has shown me firsthand what a life well lived looks like and what a small business made fun again feels like. “ 


 — Wendy O’Donovan Phillips



“20 Hacks for a Joy-Filled Entrepreneurial Life is perfect timing for these ever-changing times. Dawn’s heartwarming personal story is flawlessly integrated into useful and practical “hacks” that will serve you in your personal and professional growth, no matter the phase you are in life.” 


– Rob Dube 

   Founder of A Top 25 Forbes Little Giants company and author of Do Nothing book and Do  

  Nothing Podcast Host



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