How to Take a Clarity Break
April 6, 2022

Five Questions to Pose to Yourself During a Clarity Break

It’s no secret that owning a business is a serious job. As a business owner, you are constantly wearing multiple hats, as you juggle project management, bookkeeping, and keeping your clients and employees happy. These factors, combined with the fact that our society glamorizes the “hustle” mentality are a recipe for burnout amongst business owners.

A clarity break is an effective method that helps business owners get recentered and overcome business frustrations. Regardless of whether clarity breaks are new to you or already a part of your weekly schedule, having some inspiration for your next clarity break can go a long way.

We’re breaking down five questions you might ask yourself during your next clarity break.

1. What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?

Some might argue that fear is a necessary emotion. Fear helps us recognize when we need to make a change and helps us to move forward accordingly. But you never want to let fear take the front seat. You have to recognize your fears and acknowledge them before you can overcome them. Considering your fears will shine light on what obstacles are currently standing in your way and help you to overcome them.

Here are some additional questions that can stem from this one: Why would I do that? What’s keeping me from doing that? What will happen if I fail trying it? What will happen if I succeed?

2. What are my natural skills, talents, and abilities?

Many people start businesses in an effort to do more of what they love. Asking yourself what you love the most is a great way to guide your next clarity break because it can remind you of how you got here to begin with. Reminding yourself of your talents and abilities can also help boost your confidence when you’re struggling with doubting yourself. Don’t stop at considering the activities you love the most, ask yourself what types of activities you dislike the most as well.

3. What unknown questions do I need answered about what I want the most?

It’s easy to get stuck when you feel like there are a lot of unknowns. Consider the unknowns and try to write them out. How can you find an answer when you’re not even sure of the question? By considering the unknowns, you can figure out what answer you’re on the search for, helping you to find the best route to getting there.

4. What resources do I need to make my dreams happen?

Manifesting your dreams is not a one-person job and recognizing the need for help is incredibly important for every business owner. By considering your resources, you’ll have a clearer picture of what your role is and that of those around you. You can also think about where you’re currently lacking to figure out what types of resources you need to seek out.

5. What changes do I need to make that I resist or do not know how to make?

Fear of change can stand in the way of any business’s evolution. Consider where you’re resisting change due to fear, uncertainty, or just a sense of not knowing the next step. This can help you get unstuck and keep pressing forward. “Change” is a broad term that can be applied to many different facets of life. Think about changes that are physical, relational, spiritual, and financial. You can also ask yourself why these changes need to happen, what’s stopping you, and how you might benefit from the change. The biggest reason we fear change is not because of what will be different but what we will have to give up to make that change.  We are afraid of what we have to leave behind.

How to Take a Clarity Break

It may feel difficult to pry yourself away from your work for even a few minutes but as a leader you cannot be in the system and also understand it. A clarity break is a job requirement of leadership; you must use this tool to see what you cannot see when you are in the trenches. Giving your brain some freedom to tell you what you need to know will make you, your work, and your vision for the future clearer.

Set aside a few minutes to be alone with your thoughts. Make sure to set aside your electronics and turn off your notifications. Have a blank pad nearby to easily jot down any thoughts that come to mind. Utilize a quiet, interruption-free space for your clarity break and make sure that others know not to disturb you during this time.

Commit to regular clarity breaks to show up for yourself and your business. Using this method to regularly check in with yourself gives you a clearer picture of what your goals are, shows you what obstacles you’re currently facing, and helps you stay focused on what matters most.


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