DiSC® workshops
December 27, 2023

DiSC®: Beyond the Basics

In the business world, the journey to success can often feel like a rollercoaster ride. There are ups and downs and sometimes a few upside downs, too. But thankfully, there are tools to help you and your team find cohesion.

DiSC® workshops are a transformative approach to finding enlightenment in the workplace. They are not run-of-the-mill workshops. It’s a journey that equips small business owners and their teams with the tools they need to navigate the twists and turns (and the upside downs) of the business world successfully.

The Roadmap to Understanding

Everything DiSC® is not your average personality assessment. It’s a personal journey that helps each individual dive into their preferences and tendencies and measures this based on the DiSC® model. Picture it as your business’s GPS. This simple yet powerful model dives into the four basic styles: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). The result? A collaborative workforce that guides individual talents into collective success.

The beauty of Everything DiSC® is in its versatility. At Abbott Coaching, we tailor the experience to your unique needs, ensuring that the insights gained become an integral part of your workplace culture. It’s a commitment to ongoing improvement and growth.

DiSC® workshops

More Than a Workshop

Our DiSC® workshops are not a one-and-done solution. It gives the ability to use the Catalyst platform, comparison reports, and additional workshops to help your team. Let’s dive into the different workshops within the DiSC®:

1. Workplace® on Catalyst™

The Catalyst™ is a dynamic tool that helps your business’s company culture by improving social and emotional skills. It is integrated seamlessly into the flow of work and makes lasting behavior change possible and enjoyable.

2. Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

Conflicts are inevitable, but rather than shying away from them, Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict empowers your team to turn conflict into growth. This program doesn’t just provide a step-by-step conflict resolution guide, it offers personalized techniques to make conflict more productive.

3. Everything DiSC® Management

For those in management roles, this experience goes into a deeper understanding of self, direct reports, and managers, all while using the DiSC® model to measure change. This program is meant to find insights into management styles and leave participants with concrete strategies to bring out the best in their teams.

4. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® connects unique leadership styles to real-world demands. The goal is to leave leaders with strategies for vision, alignment, and execution. Overall, creating impactful leadership.

5. Everything DiSC® Agile EQ

This program is all about emotional intelligence, a.k.a. EQ. It will equip your team with the skills to read emotional and interpersonal needs. It uses DiSC® insights to get team members to navigate outside their comfort zones and develop their emotional intelligence.

6. Everything DiSC® Sales

Everything DiSC® Sales is all about, you guessed it, sales! This program works to help salespeople adapt to customers’ preferences and expectations. The sales team learns to create customer-centric interactions with in-depth information, tips, strategies, and action plans to yield better results.

Clarity, Collaboration, and Growth

The journey of DiSC® isn’t just about the workshops; it’s about creating a culture of understanding, resilience, and continuous improvement. Abbott Coaching will be with you every step of the way to help you transform your workplace. Book a FREE discovery call with Dawn today and let’s chat about how we can take your small business to a new level through innovative strategies for team growth.

Agility UnlockedRevealing The Connection Between Agility And Emotional Intelligence

This eBook explores the connection between agility and emotional intelligence, the perceived impact it has on individual and organizational performance, and a proven methodology for development at scale: Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™

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