December 22, 2020

Are You Limiting Your Potential for Business Growth?

Based on your decision to read this article likely confirms that you’re searching for some sort of silver lining in growing your business. You know you’re capable of doing more and getting more out of your business, but you are hitting a ceiling. The things that once worked are no longer getting traction.  Lucky for you, this is a great place to start.

As an entrepreneur, it’s not only easy but common to lose sight of where you’re headed. Once you’ve built a business successful enough to employ others, provide consistent services/offerings, and make a little profit for yourself, it’s natural to get complacent or find yourself working in a chaotic environment.

When we’re in the building phase of business, it’s normal for things to be a little sloppy. They don’t call it a “start up” for nothin! 

However, we manage to pull it off and suddenly hire out in order to complete the loads of to-do’s. Many entrepreneurs can build a business that’s generating $2 million to $200 million in revenue with 10 to 200 employees working for it, and yet—they still don’t have any idea of where they’re headed. They still may find themselves operating at 20-50% strength in many key areas of their businesses, surviving in spite of themselves.  

That’s kind of mind-blowing when you put it that way, isn’t it? Trust me, I get it,  I have been there.


Is your business drifting on a directionless path?


If this sounds like you—believe it or not—you are not alone. After all, it does make some sense. You started a business with so much passion and excitement, and once you started scaling, you didn’t want to slow down, so you just kept going. You hired people as the positions presented themselves. You increased inventory loads as the numbers spiked. You worked 80+ hour weeks to ensure everyone got paid, invoices got sent, and whatever else that was essential in operating got done. 


You made it happen. But now what?


When the car is going that fast, you’re not necessarily thinking about what’s ahead in 100 miles. You’re more concerned about what’s right in front of you. 

It’s understandable, but that doesn’t mean that it’s smart. To avoid hitting the breaks, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat and take control of your business. 


Yes, you can have a multimillion-dollar business that you are in control of and that is the vehicle for the life you want. 


It starts with knowing where you’re headed and getting your entire team on the same page. Although the solution to doing this is simple, it’s not easy and it is not black and white. It requires commitment, alignment, and (the most important of all), a clear vision. 


What should your next steps be in obtaining a clear direction for your business? 

Step 1: Download the first chapter of the business development book, Traction, for FREE here. 

Step 2: Explore our Entrepreneurial Operating System solutions

Step 3: Schedule a free 90 Minute Meeting with me to take a look at your business and determine if now is the time to get a clear picture of what it looks like to run a company on EOS. 


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