Enhance Your Team’s Performance
December 27, 2021

8 Factors To Consider To Enhance Your Team’s Performance

Every CEO wants their employees to commit to the overall vision and success of the company. Oftentimes, we forget in our leadership that it’s our responsibility to first, pick the right people for the job and second, make sure they are aligned, supported, and ultimately, engaged. 

As we get ready to take on a new year, here are 8 things to consider to enhance the overall performance of your teams to have your most successful and committed year yet.

1. Look out for these negative characteristics among teams

It’s important to make sure your leadership teams are looking out for signs that show a lack of performance and commitment to your company’s mission, values, and culture. 

Here are characteristics that may suggest your work environment is lacking: 

  • They are not communicating with each other
  • They seem to be unmotivated, unaware of what’s needed from them, or “behind” on their tasks
  • They are having lots of disagreements 

If you notice any of these characteristics happening among your teams, it’s a safe assumption that your team morale could use some improvement. 


2. Know the Characteristics of a High Performing Team

Now, it’s important to align yourself with the good qualities of a high-performing team. Let’s put emphasis on the term “team.” In order to consider a group of people a team, a collective effort is required. The best way to ensure you are creating a high-performing team is to give team members roles and tasks that all work towards a common goal—just as a sports team operates, as should your work teams. 

Here are some common characteristics of a high-performing team: 

  • Everyone works together towards a common goal 
  • Discussions are intentional and thorough, and everyone contributes their thoughts and ideas
  • Team members feel comfortable expressing their ideas as well as their feelings
  • Everyone respects each other and their abilities to get their job done
  • Arguments or disagreements are handled with grace and resolved quickly 

3. Set goals

Going hand in hand with the above, it’s important to set goals clearly and delegate direct tasks to each team member so everyone knows the expectation that has been set. When team members are working towards a goal, they will hold each other accountable and lean on each other to ensure the goal is met. 


4. Embrace constant communication

Get your employees talking—regularly. Communication is one of the most important factors to consider in order to enhance your team’s performance. Your leadership teams can’t assume that employees should know something and employees need to feel comfortable asking questions and accepting feedback. Make communication a standard in your workplace.


5. Use productivity monitoring tools

Another way to ensure things get done is to utilize tools such as The Level 10 meeting Agenda and The Scorecard. These tools create a culture of accountability and confirm expectations have been met and tasks are clearly understood. 


6. Resolve conflict

Needless to say, it’s important to resolve any issues or disagreements among team members to keep the peace and keep the attention on the right things. Create an open environment where employees can be honest with their concerns so they can be addressed and settled. It’s important to make your team members feel heard and valued. The best way to naturally do so is by allowing them the opportunity to validate their concerns. 


7. Provide timely feedback.

Recognizing your employee’s accomplishments is essential to their overall happiness and commitment to your company and its mission. When team members are praised for their contributions, they naturally will want to do more for you. It’s also important to figure out how each team member values being recognized. Do they appreciate a public recognition or an email to their manager? Would they like a small gift or simply honoring them one-on-one, face to face? Customize your praise to each individual and watch how much they thrive moving forward.  


8. Monitor and measure your team’s performance

Last but certainly not least, assess your current team’s performance on a regular basis. Through quarterly conversations with your direct reports using the 5-5-5 tool and People Analyzer, you can further your team member’s growth by creating an open and constructive dialogue that will innately help them to succeed. Having a consistent conversation around their performance will keep their role within your company clear to them and also, keep how they can continue to excel in your company top of mind. 


So, how is your team’s performance?

Now, give an honest reflection on the success of your team’s performance. According to Gallup, only 30% of employees are “engaged,” 50% are disengaged (just going through the motions) – and an incredible 20% are actively disengaged, or working against you every single day. Another Gallup Survey reported that businesses with engaged employees outperform other companies by 202%.  

As you head into a new year, make sure you are doing these 8 simple practices to better enhance your team’s performance. 

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